Monday, February 28, 2011

Sticks and Stones, my Reason ReFill

I've compiled some of my favorite Reason programs in to one Reason Refill.  These are the sounds I've sampled from rocks, pans, pots, bodies and Chadian instruments. They are all NN-XT patches that are dry so you can add whatever effects you like.  Most of the programs are double and triple samples so the depth of sound is amazing.  Here are the collections and a short description.  You can buy and download the ReFill by clicking on the Buy now button to the left.

The cost of the ReFill is $29.99 and you can order securely by clicking this link. Download code will follow.

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The Copper bowl.

We were about to sell this bowl I made in a garage sale when I flicked it and noticed  it had a nice ring. I quickly pulled it and made a bunch of musical instruments from the various sounds of this one bowl.

click this link to hear the bowl sounds - Copper Bowl Demo


Every different type of rock has a different sound and a unique resonance. One day in the landscaping yard with my portable recorder yielded this fun band of sounds.

Click here to hear it - The Rocks Demo

Big Pot

This is just the largest pot I had ever seen.

I marched it straight into the studio for major manipulation.

It's really a unique instrument.

The human body

Our bodies are a wonderful collection of sounds just waiting to be discovered. Here are a collection of slaps, hits and chirps. Great for interesting percussion.

Click here to hear the the sounds - The Human Body Demo

Chadian Instruments

On a recent recording trip to Chad I sampled some Chadian instruments that were different than anything I had heard before. They play interestingly tuned marimbas, a large tub and a pipe called a jaz.

Click this link to hear a demo - Chadian Instruments Demo

Thanks for considering purchasing my ReFill.  You'll love it.

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Rob Barrett

Third Street Music

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